Study and play basketball in the united states

Find a sports scholarship in the United States! 

Who are we?


The founders:

Last Shot is a consulting firm that is specialized in finding sports scholarships in the United States for Basketball student-athletes.

Founded by Carlos Andrade (former international & professional player, with a career of +20 years playing in Portugal, United States, Spain, Scotland and Germany) and André Costa (founder of Hoopers), this company reunites two of our areas of interest: Education and Basketball.


The mission:

We want to help student-athletes to access to unique educational and sporting opportunities, that would allow them to continue their personal, professional and academic development.


The work:

We work with a selective group of Basketball student-athletes, seeking to help them to find scholarships in the United States during the whole process: finding opportunities, negotiating scholarships and helping during the application process to Schools.

We collaborate with well-recognized and trustable sporting partners and academic institutions in the United States, who have built their reputation over the last years.

Programs available:

Application process:


1. Assessment

 Evaluation of your sports performance and recommendation of options to explore.

2. Preparation

Preparation to meet the academic requirements: TOEFL and ACT/SAT.

3. Sports scholarship

After completing your academic and sports assessment, we will locate scholarships.

4. Student-athlete transfer

 After accepting a scholarship, we will guide you in the process of transferring to the United States. 

5. Departure and follow-up

Your departure on this adventure! But we stay here to help you.

Additional costs:

All the costs related with the preparation, flight tickets, passport, visa and translation of documents are exclusively responsibility of the athletes / parents.


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